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Daugters of Eve: (3) What Is A Girl To Do?

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2Ti_3:13 (KJV) But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Faith awoke from her Saturday afternoon nap with a pang of guilt, which she quickly brushed aside.

It was all about an incident which had occured the previous night.

“What else would a girl have done?” She rationalized.

In her lopsided opinion, time wasn’t friendly. It was tickling. No. Racing.

From her unproven context of life, she was four years too late already- no thanks to friends, family, church folks, colleagues, peers and society: the active members of her entire little world!

To add insult to injury, she saw a strand of gray hair amidst her lustrous jet black hair while shampooing the previous week, and took it soooooooooo personal, as though we all don’t have one or two!

Faith was a very weird being! She always saw herself as having either too much or too little of everything…

For instance, for a five-footer with a petite size 10 figure, an ebony dark complexion and shiny jet black hair any lady could wish for, she was simply stunning, and would narrowly miss winning any beauty pageant.

Nevertheless, she judged herself as too fat, too dark, too short, and would rather be a fairer and taller size zero! She would give anything to have the features of her less flamboyant flat mate Rita.

Faith sure had excess baggage! At least one too many!

It is a known fact that life evolves. Notwithstanding, Faith was unfortunate enough to have chosen to maintain an obsolete and limited frame of reference. She had a very narrow and myopic view of life, though she cut across as ‘smart’ and stylish.

Worse still, she was strongly opinionated, and wouldn’t even consider engaging her mind more constructively so as to widen her horizons about the real virtues of life.

For her, being able to engage in social small-talks, gist about the reigning soccer league and well, maybe talk some politics, travel and of course, know and wear all the latest brands, labels and designs of clothes, shoes, gold, pearl, diamond (…oh, just name any of those vanities) was laudable enough!

Neither would she go the extra mile to really explore the deep things embedded in her relationship with her Creator- even though she had followed the crowd to profess Christ five years earlier and had ever since been an ardent ‘church-goer’ and in fact, a known face in the Protocol Department of Praise Assemblies- her local church!

It definitely shows when one has been with Jesus … Royalty rubs off you know!

However, Faith was one of those ‘Christians’ who haven’t had any real encounter with the King of Kings in spite of donkey-year membership with the clique!

Nonetheless, she knew how to walk the ‘walk’ and talk the ‘talk’ – speaking all the slang, tongues of men and angels (devils?) inclusive.

At face value, she might even qualify for a ‘position’ based on her ‘consistency’.

Oh… so much for Faith- Back to our story: Yes- about last night:

“How on earth could anyone expect her to have missed her only chance- her golden opportunity, when she had never come that close to it before in her entire life?” Faith mused.

Not even in her dreams- let alone her boooorrrrriiiinnnnggg church life- a place where available bachelors were either not ‘tapping’ enough by her ‘standards’, or just wouldn’t look her direction.

A perfect example is Joseph, the assistant head of her Church department who hadn’t been able to hands off her colleague Fatima – that ‘unbeliever’ girl, since sighting her the day he paid her a visit at work!

But here was David:


And to cap it all – very eligible.

Now what else could any girl want in a man?

Even throughout her school days, before she ‘met’ Christ years ago, none of her boyfriends had been this promising.

(As normal in those days, folks just got into ‘relationships’ with whoever was cute enough, and of course, with no definite future in view. They all just did what every one else was doing- playing games of chance – which didn’t favor too many people anyway…)

David worked as a Business Analyst at Econet Communications- one of the industry leaders.

She had met David at Rhythm Unplugged about eight weeks earlier.

That wasn’t a kind of gathering her church folks would approve, but she’d waited five good years to no avail.

Time was tickling.
To hell with Church folks!
Life must go on!

Faith was the type who would stick rigidly to a ‘proven’ fact or theory without exhausting all other available options or possibilities.

She always lived in the realm of the two extremes of life, and in her world, there was always one or the other way, one or the other answer, one or the other reason to everything- nothing more, nothing less!

Besides, Faith personalized and blamed herself for everything. She just must be accountable for every one of her life’s misfortunes.

She couldn’t comprehend that there are times when for some noble but hidden reasons, one could be doing everything right and yet life wouldn’t just comply. It had to be their fault somehow … Somebody somewhere just didn’t ‘measure up’, period!

Neither could she see the invisible and sovereign hands of the One who holds it all together; One who doesn’t need good circumstances to further His intentions, but rather sometimes even entwines His beautiful agenda into seemingly ugly circumstances so that the end result might be mind blowing and all the more colorful!

And despite five years of active involvement as a ‘believer’, she still couldn’t decipher the discipline of surrender. She just wanted to control everything- her very life inclusive!

But can one really always control life? Hasn’t even the preacher compared trying to the absurdity of chasing the wind?

Oh… back to last night:

Just last night, a Friday Night to be precise, David had taken Faith out to see a late night movie throughout which he had whispered sweet nothings about wanting some kind of commitment from her to prove her love and cement their ‘relationship’.

And of course, the setting was perfect for the conception of evil- Girl was he kind, charming, angelic- looking so cute and simply irresistible!

It was already too late to drive down to her apartment in Opebi by the time the movie ended at 2:30am. The only other available option (in her head) was to spend the night at David’s cute apartment at Dolphin Estate.

So when David suggested it, she gave in without any objection- what else was a girl to do now!!! Not a bad idea after all.

She had thrown away her ‘caution’ – (if there was ever any to start with). She would insist on sleeping alone in the guest room- she told herself…

So when upon stepping into the cozy apartment David pulled her close, looked her straight in the eyes, professed his ‘lust’ for her, and sealed it all with a hot kiss, she became weak in the knees instantly and just crumbled like a pack of cards in a chain reaction!

She let down her guards (which weren’t really existent, only never challenged nor provoked because of ‘church life’), threw all caution to the winds and melted away into David’s arms like wax before fire. Just like that! What was a girl to do…???

David slept with her right on the floor of his sitting room free of charge! Just like that!

Silently, he thanked the ‘Nigerian god’ for the easy lay. He had never had it that cheap for a long time, and was in fact very disappointed because his earlier ‘Christian’ friends would have at least faked some little resistance… Not this one!

Na wah ooo…

But Faith was too drowned in ecstasy to care less. She succumbed and caved in to no pressure. Just like that!

David had her for breakfast again on Saturday morning. Surely, it was his lucky weekend, because never had he had it soooooooooo cheap!

Afterwards, the ‘lovebirds’ went to Shoprite on a shopping spree before David dropped her off at her apartment later that afternoon.

Looking back and reaching into her wardrobe to admire the ‘goodies’ David had bought her once again, Faith assured herself that David must be God sent indeed.

“Well, not even an angel would have expected me to miss this one!” She affirmed- brushing all her guilt aside.

Then she remembered Fatima once again and felt ashamed of herself.


That girl was a pain in the neck of every ‘Christian’ bachelorette in Unity Bank where Faith worked in Operations.

Her sin?

By every standard, Fatima was an extremely pretty 23 year old.

The striking thing about Fatima however, beauty apart, was this ‘poise’ about her. The girl was vast, relevant, exposed and smart to a fault!

Besides, she was on top of her job, on point in every single area of life and highly disciplined.

And with her striking personality, good values, strong character and high confidence level, which added a kind of grace to her strides, Fatima was simply irresistible!

Beauty and brains… That was Fatima! The girl sure had a lot going for her and a lot more grace for her 23 years of age!

She graduated from The American University in Abuja at 21, and had secured a job with Unity Bank immediately after her Youth Service.

Fatima, was NOT ‘born again’, and had never professed to be, though she visited church once in a while and adopted some biblical principles she liked.

What made ‘sisters’ uncomfortable about this girl was her high moral standards. At 23, Fatima was still a virgin and had sworn to remain one until her wedding night!

She had lost several eligible bachelors to this cause- many of whom her so called ‘Christian’ friends would have gladly danced after. Faith’s David inclusive.

Her principle was this: the man who truly loved her would definitely wait to make her a commitment and put a band on her finger first!

And funny enough, this had kept Casanovas at bay! Only serious minded and eligible men flocked around her! And in droves too! They were always at her beck and call- but she was so smart and careful.

She wouldn’t allow any guy destroy the beautiful life God had endowed her with. She believed a good home and future was worth the caution and the waiting!

The most ‘annoying’ thing about Fatima was the fact that even eligible Christian bachelors who had got to know her had always lost interest in, and instantly scored her above every other ‘shallow’ Christian girl around.

Though much younger in most cases, Fatima was a great deal smarter and more highly principled than most of the ‘church girls’ in Unity Bank to their shame!

If only she was a believer- ‘brothers’ always wished. But alas!

For though they agreed in morals and principles, their incompatible belief systems, which is the most critical factor, was always the only issue!

An example was Joseph, that guy in Protocol Department whom Faith had always admired and secretly ‘trusted God for’.

Joseph had stopped by to say hello during lunch break one afternoon in response to Pastor’s instruction to reach out to someone who lived or worked close-by during the week.

Joseph, a real and well – grounded Christian, and highly principled too, met Fatima, and upon speaking with her for just thirty minutes, concluded that the girl really had some real stuff up there!

And ever since, the guy hadn’t been able to keep his mind off her – solely for the fact that he had been impressed by everything he saw.

Sincerely, he wished more ‘church girls’ could be just half as smart and principled as Fatima, and concluded that, as Cornelius, whom God had to send Peter to ‘rescue’; such a beautiful soul should by no means miss the beauty of heaven.

For Fatima, only one thing was needful- salvation! And he vowed right away to see to that, by His grace!

Faith however, hadn’t taken that lightly! The only signal her petty mind could pick was that Joseph was willing to date Fatima- an ‘unbeliever’, when there are beautiful ‘sisters’ like her around! “Hiiiiiissssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!”

Such was the drama surrounding Faith’s life.

And when she remembered Fatima once again that afternoon, she felt really ashamed of herself and quickly re-arranged her case in her head.

“Actually, one thing led to another-…” she consoled herself.”What was a girl to do now?”

She brushed it all aside.

At least she was sure of one thing. She had David wrapped around her fingers now that they had ‘cemented’ their union and she had proved her loved for him- in return for all his kind gestures.

And certainly, their wedding plans should begin in a couple of weeks just as he had promised. She was soooooooooo convinced she just kept hugging her pillow and daydreaming.

She couldn’t wait for her flat mate Rita to return from choir rehearsals so she could announce (without too much details of course because Rita was a sure brand- really well grounded) that her wedding plans would soon commence….

Next: To Tell Or Not To Tell
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