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Obedience Or Terror?… How Seasons Change!


1Jh.4:18 (GNB) There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. So then, love has not been made perfect in anyone who is afraid, because fear has to do with punishment.

How time flies! And even more interestingly, how seasons change!

I remember that day vividly, close to two years ago now. It was during summer vacation that year.

Ed my first born was 8 then, and his brother Eddy was about 5.

(We actually named them after our favorite cartoon characters. Edd is in the pipeline, but thoughts of adding a third handful is often so scary that we are almost giving up the idea- laughing out loud)

I arrived home a little late from work on that fateful day due to some unforeseen circumstances and heavy traffic.

However, I had made adequate provision for food and snacks for the day (or so I thought), with no doubt my children and their care giver would be OK.

So you can imagine my astonishment when Ed, met me at the door with the pack of bread I had left for breakfast intact in his hands. Eddy followed closely behind.

And when he said with a shaky voice, “Mum, we’re starving! Could we have some of THIS pleeaaseee…?”- my heart broke!

I had actually left two small loaves of bread and the big pack of sliced bread with fried eggs and beverages for breakfast.

However, I was told that when they were about eating, Eddy had screamed, “I heard Mum say nobody should touch THAT pack of sliced bread, so we CAN’T eat that!”

Eddy had obviously misinterpreted me, because I remembered saying something close, only that I was referring to the other pack of sliced bread IN THE DEEP FREEZER!

This misconception had led to two kids and a 20-something year old caregiver sharing two small round loaves of bread for breakfast!

Predictably, they had to eat lunch and their snacks earlier than planned, and they were all very hungry by the time I arrived!

My heart sank!

Though it had been my prayer and would definitely have been my joy to have obedient children, it’d have been much better to have them obey out of love rather than out of fear!

The motivation for my children’s compliance was of great importance to me, and if kids their age could be so terrified as to defy hunger to obey me, then I felt compelled to review the picture of discipline I had painted for them!

“Guys, “I’m deeply sorry”, I muttered fighting back the tears. “You got it all wrong!”

Unquestionably, my prayer was longer than usual that night, as I had something new to tell the Lord…

It’s been two years since and my boys are much older now. (Ed is now 10, and Eddy, a big fat 7!)

And you guessed right- the story has completely changed! Because now, even if I screamed the same message with a mega phone, and had it flashing on our 32-inch TV all day, my boys would still have eaten that bread – and most probably plus the one in the freezer! (Laughing out loud)

And trust them to proudly give logical and “moral” justifications for their actions of course!

Hmmmmmm!!!!! How seasons change!

I remember Ed telling me during a recent negotiation,”I don’t mean to be rude Mum, but times have changed. That was in your days. We are now in the future.”

They grow and learn so fast I’m telling you! Trust me to give you the full gist soon!

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2012

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2 comments on “Obedience Or Terror?… How Seasons Change!

  1. Tito tha Phoenix
    November 6, 2013

    This story reminds me of my days growing up with my mum and two brothers in lagos.Maybe I should adopt you as my mum-on-the-blogosphere.


    • Funmi Adebayo
      November 6, 2013

      Lolllzzz… Thanks for visiting and glad you love it. Will check out your blog too.


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