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Hi Friends,

Start out your New Year with this piece from EACH DAY ONLINE. Sure you’d be blessed.

Once again, wishing you a prosperous New Year!



Joshua 1.2 (KJV) Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise…

The effect of development can be very amusing sometimes. A new generation is evolving which goes to the other extreme of life for the secret fear of appearing ‘religious’ or old fashioned.

That category of people belittles such things as New Year Resolutions.

Nevertheless, a major hindrance to destiny is the fact that people wish for significance while still maintaining old lifestyles. Men wish for greatness but want to keep living their lives as usual

However, every stage of life requires a new strategy; and every phase of life a new positioning.

Likewise, every New Year sure needs some kind of a resolution, except a man wishes to keep repeating history, and circling the same mountains year in year out!

The turning of each new year is an opportunity to make amends and start life afresh.

The death of…

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