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Daughters of Eve (5): A Bad Day For Rose

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A Bad Day for Rose…

MB900438733It was 6.30am- the unofficial resumption time for Operation staff of Unity Bank.

Rose arrived work sulky.

With her head bowed, she walked past the two elderly security men at the car pack slowly without a word of salutation.

And from the look of things, she wouldn’t have responded even if they had greeted.

Na wah o” , they wondered aloud. “Wetin come do this ‘anty’ today?”

The answer:

Rose had had an argument with her fiancé the previous evening, which had left their relationship seriously threatened.

They should be talking of formalizing things by now, having being in courtship for over a year.

Besides, they had all it takes to settle down, and they weren’t getting any younger.

However, Fred was being very reluctant!

Out of the blues!

He had once been overly excited about settling down- when their relationship first started; but suddenly, he started growing cold!

This had been the case for about three months now!

Worse still, Fred had been coming up with series of excuses why he couldn’t and shouldn’t settle down now- as though to confirm her fears!!!

Rose was an innocent beauty- a very good and humble girl indeed!

She had this chaste look about her; and it was that angelic look which had drawn Fred to her to start with. He simply adored her!

She was another passionate Church girl: another dedicated member of the 12,000 congregation Praise Assembly, one of the fastest growing Churches in town.

She was a tenor in the 800-man church choir, and had caught Fred’s attention in Church while actively in the Lord’s service.

She was another ardent follower of Reverend Tunde James, who walked the walk and talked the talk.

Nevertheless, Rose’s major weakness was this herd-instinct:

She had no problems as long as everything went fine. However, she sometimes found it hard to find her way to the Lord on her own – especially when faced with life’s challenges.

As for Fred, he was a read more


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