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‘Technical Glitches’!

Courtesy Bing Images

Courtesy Bing Images

I’ve been self employed for about two years now, engaged with things that really make me tickle.

Talk of Retailing and all the rudiments of the Retail World.

In addition, I’ve been into packaging, sales, and support of Retail/ Point-of-Sales Systems, and other things involved like Inventory Management, Process Optimization, Training etc.

Best of all, I’ve also managed to squeeze out some time for my hobbies: blogging and writing (please watch out for coupons to get my first books free before year end *wink)

And though I’m not yet counting my millions per se, I can boldly say that there’s some tangible progress and stability. I am getting better on my job and more established in business. Moreover, the vision is getting clearer and things are taking shape gradually.

After all, for any SME* to remain in steady operation for two full years without any far-fetched financial support in a recovering economy like ours is noteworthy indeed!

God be praised!

Furthermore, I thank God for the freedom to live out my passion. I’m in pursuit of destiny and in search for significance; and truthfully (do not say I told you), I can clearly see the doughs running after me in every named currency a couple of years from now as I keep at it with diligence.

So help me God!

Many Thanks for saying Amen!

* * *

I did promise to ‘WOW’ you occasionally with shots of my highs, lows and other escapades from this little ‘empire’. I owe that to you friends- for your audience!

I’d call this one a ‘technical glitch’, and if you don’t find it funny, I bet you’re overworked and would need to go check your BP (*giggles)

* * *

“It is very pertinent that our trainers do justice to every training session on client site; you just have to be believable; and excellent delivery is not negotiable.

“Experience is a ‘major’ for our clients, and most actually prefers ‘expats‘ for this particular course…”

That was Dr. Alex (not real name), the MD of an IT Service ManagementTraining School, talking to me during a recent chat over outsourcing a prospective Training Contract to my company.

I thought I’d heard him say ‘experts’ and that kind of set something loose in me. I took it as a challenge…

“You are speaking with one…”, I quickly interjected. “… With about ten years of experience… You do have our profile…”

from Bing Images

from Bing Images

At that, the whole interview panel exchanged quizzical looks and the entire team rolled over in laughter.

I was so confused wondering what I had done wrong when Dr. Alex managed to speak up.

“‘Expatriates’ I meant”, he managed to say, suppressing another fat grin.

I blushed! If only I’d heard him out before responding!

Surely, the Scriptures cannot be broken…

What a shame—yes, how stupid!—to decide before knowing the facts! Prov. 18:13 (TLB)

I felt really embarrassed, but oh well… another ‘lesson learnt’ for me!

*SME – Small and Medium sized Enterprise

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  2. T-Matrix
    September 25, 2013

    hahahahahahahehehehehehehohohohohohohoh!!!! So Sorry but I had to laugh.. I had to picture that scenario in my head again and couldnt help laughing, I can identify with this oh!!! infact mine was so embarrassing
    I almost started crying !!!


    • Funmi Adebayo
      September 25, 2013

      ROTF …thanks bro Tayo. I can imagine. Why not share your experience on Scribe-e-dooz. I already added you as a contributor.


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