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Loving The Unlovable This Valentine’s …


I’m sure you know them…

OK- at least one of them.

We all do!

That naughty friend who drives you nuts…

That terribly annoying and maybe even unapologetic someone you’d rather not know…

That fellow you’re always at loggerheads with…

That person who has and would hurt you deeply – with no apologies…

That individual you’d rather have nothing to do with…

That somebody you’d eradicate at the drop of a feather were God to choose to shut His eyes for just one second!

They are always around…

Worse still, each of us must put up with at least one of them on the paths of life!

Regularly too!

(And for all I care, both you and I are probably also in that category in the records of someone close by …)

Now did I hear someone say “life’s not fair…”?

Truth is life’s not meant to be!

But never mind, we have …

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Funmi is a Content Creator and Digital Marketer. She creates bespoke media content, also builds and executes digital strategies that help Professionals and Startups enhance their online presence, thereby improving their lead generation and conversion rates. Her vision is to help businesses exceed their ROI projections. When she's not working, she's busy listening to classical music whilst reading or writing another blog post, poem or devotional.

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