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Daughters of Eve (6): … Whom To Marry…

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20140124-045445.jpgDate: Sunday January 5
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: ‘Girls’ Hostel’

That was the second name for Rita’s flat.

God only knows how such an easy going girl managed to pull such a crowd of exotic friends…

Now, Rita had friends!

Good, bad, pretty, not-so-pretty, rich, poor, vain, simple, Christians, Muslims; friends in different shapes and sizes- Phew! that Rita was a real ‘kingpin’: Girls just loved to flock around her and no one could really explain why.

It couldn’t have been for looks – a dazzling beauty though- only too plain and too modest somewhat to have attracted such a drove of more fashionable and sophisticated friends by her looks alone.

Couldn’t have been her sense of humor either: Rita was very phlegmatic; with a pretty face which was always adorned with a smile, she was calm, demure and very soft-spoken.


And certainly not for wealth: Rita was from an average family. The first of four children and the only girl, her parents and entire family were very modest with an extreme preference for a simple lifestyle. And obviously, she had taken after them in that regard. Her Christian parents were both lecturers at Uniben where she had earned her Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

However, there was this warmth about Rita: she was indeed pleasant to be with; and everyone agreed that her calm and sweet spirit must be the factor which compelled friends to her presence.

And once with her, no one was ever in a hurry to leave.

Besides, Rita was extremely brilliant; and would have been intimidating but for her very sweet nature which gave her a perfectly balanced personality. Actually, Rita would have been a nerd but for the fact that she was very sociable and showed ample interest in other aspects of life.

Funny enough, she also had the same magnetic effect on guys- both within and outside her church circle. Being a very good listener who would hardly ever talk let alone offer a word of unsolicited advise, several guys naturally saw her as someone to whom they could bare their heart. Usually, male colleagues and church friends would stylishly feed her with their secrets including ‘coded’ details of their relationship issues as well as escapades with other girls, while Rita herself was to them a ‘no-go’ area!

They all considered her a sweet harmless soul they could be vulnerable with, as she wasn’t the type who would take advantage of anyone’s weakness or let out a secret.

She was chaste, and they absolutely loved her for it. Most male friends saw her as a real blood sister, and would go any length to protect her.

Definitely, Rita was nothing like some of her frivolous friends; and guys wouldn’t help but wonder and, would often even go on to express their displeasure at how she allowed such lousy friends to flock around her. An example was her banker flat mate Faith her whom most guys held in such poor esteem.

And each time they voiced their reservations, Rita would smile gently and quote … Read more…

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