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Lord Please Make My Life Count



1Cor 15:8 (GW) Last of all he appeared also to me—even though I am like someone whose birth was abnormal.

Lord Please Make My Life Count
By virtue of my walk
With YOU!

Please help me understand
That …

Every tear down my cheeks
With every heart break
And every silent giggle
When I can’t contain my joy…

Every pain I feel
With every fall
And every shout of triumph
When YOU win my battles…

Every one of my struggles
In every dark moment
And every comfort that comes
When I hear YOU in the tunnel…

Every shaky doubtful step
And every bold act of faith…

The very hairs of my head
And every detail of my life…

Are all very significant

For You are making me fit
For Your script
And writing of my life
A story
That will yet give-

Strength and Courage
Hope and Inspiration
Comfort and Consolation
Instruction and Direction
To someone…

And men will yet seek
My paths to follow
Because I walk every moment
Of life
With YOU!

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2011


About Funmi Adebayo

Funmi Adebayo is a multi-skilled professional who joggles many vital roles. An Engineering graduate (with expertise in IT Service Delivery and Support, Project Management, Process Management and Strategic Business IT), she has also worked as a Retailer/Retail Systems and Online Store Designer. With her vast experience in Blog Design, Administration and Content Creation, Funmi now works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer, and she is the Team Lead of the MakeADream-NG Project. An ardent blogger and prolific writer, Funmi writes Fictions, True-Life stories and Poetry to address societal issues. She seeks to inspire, enlighten and empower her readers in fun, exciting and entertaining ways. Furthermore, she does motivational and educative write-ups, offering tips for Career Development and Business. She also authors Devotionals and journals. Funmi has worked on Book Series including The Sweet Temptation, the first title in the Daughters of Eve Fiction Series Stepping Up To Be Seen Madame De Madame Fiction Series, and Getting Your Groove Back in the Each Day Devotional Series. Funmi has featured in Sun Newspaper, Success Notion and City People Magazines. She also belongs to the prestigious #teamokadabooks .

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