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Daughters Of Eve (10): A Girl’s Place Value

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Tit For Tat

Actually, two of the three ladies who had displayed the ‘exhibits’ could very well have borne grudges against Rita.

For instance, Ann: Well, news had it that it was Rita who had turned Kunle’s heart away from her: Kunle and her had been considerably close before Rita came into the picture.

…when a woman means something to a man, the guy places a certain ‘tag‘ on her which everyone understands… 

As for Faith, Rita was the ‘prophetess of doom’ who had foretold that nothing good would come out of her relationship with David. No… Not marriage.

And as it turned out, her predictions couldn’t have been more accurate!

A brief recap of how it all went:

Rita had raised an eyebrow when Faith had first announced that her wedding plans would soon begin with a display of David’s goodies that fateful afternoon the day it all just started…

“Is it your birthday or Valentine’s? Why the sudden shower of gifts?” She had probed…

“And see who is jealous”… Had been Faith’s reply as she quickly bailed herself out of Rita’s witty cross examination.

However, Rita had been convinced that something was just not right. She knew David’s type and the guy didn’t seem ready to settle down.

He never visited, never …read more…

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