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Daughters Of Eve Chapter 12: When Life Take A New Turn…

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Be not deceived:evil communications corrupt good manners.
– 1 Corinthians 15:33

Adebimpe pulled over at Ikeja City Mall and stepped out of her Mercedes 20140418-215115.jpg

Benz Jeep in a skimpy pink flowery hip dress and a thick pair of black leggings. She picked up her hand bag, locked up and cat-walked gracefully across the spacious car park.

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and a fresh cool breeze slapped her pretty face as the wind whistled by.

It felt like a kiss from heaven and she shivered as the chill of it bathed her soft chocolate skin.

Her 24-inch Brazilian hair was fully let down, but held in place with a shiny Alice Band. A thin gold chain adorned her long neck. She didn’t care much for hand chains, but had a matching piece as an anklet stylishly showed off by her matching pump sandals. With a matching pair of tiny stud earrings and a casual Aldo wrist watch to compliment, she looked gorgeous indeed.

And why not?

For the very first time in twelve months, she felt very much at peace:

With life and herself.
With God and the rest of creation.


A little child once described forgiveness as that point in time when you stop feeling angry. In that context, she wasn’t angry with herself anymore; nor with anyone else. She had totally forgiven all involved in the drama of her recent past, and that included herself and everyone else; and as at now, she had no iota of resentment or grudges towards anyone.

She had let go of the traumatic pains completely, and had simply moved on. And the best part of it all was the fact that she could now relate to life without any iota of shame, regret or bitterness. She was free at last. Free indeed to give full expression to whom God had made her to be without holding back. Without reservations. No apologies.

This feeling of liberty and tranquility kind of gave her an air of confidence, with springs to her steps and grace to her strides. She could walk head up and shoulders high now.

And to crown it all, SOJ had stood facing her, looked her straight in the eyes and told her how much he loved her just that morning!

And that had sounded like some sweet melody in her ears and set the butterflies in her tummy a-flying; for sincerely, she hadn’t heard those sweet words once in the past twelve months!


In fact, SOJ had not looked her straight in the eyes once after the rather unfortunate read more….

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