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Madame De Madame Episode 2: A Little Bit Of History

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While giving you my profile during my official introduction, I did not mention that I studied English from the Pestigious Unilag.

Well, not that I forgot: just that I always like to save the best for last. I happen to be very skilled at reserving information and juiciest chunks of details for the most appropriate times. Another reason why I deserve to be ‘Madame’! (*winks)

I believe life is more interesting that way don’t you?

So as I was saying, I had my degrees in English- both Bachelor and Masters. However, that wasn’t by choice: I actually wanted to study Law (more for prestige- not out of passion) but didn’t meet the University Matriculation Exams (UME) cut off point for Unilag. Therefore, I ended up studying English.

Moreover, because I’ve always been of the opinion that I wasn’t cut out to work for any organization but to run my own business from the very start (though I wasn’t particularly sure about what I would eventually do and couldn’t quite figure out what my passions were) I never tried changing my course- I just stuck to English.

After all, it is a well know fact that a good number of people end up in careers having nothing to do with their university degrees over here. For instance, you probably know of trained medical doctors who end up in business, trained computer scientists who end up in the movie industry, trained engineers who end up in the banking career and so on…

even though I might not have figured out my passion, I always knew one thing for sure: For me, the reward CANNOT be in heaven. It’s got to be right here and now! I want money and I want it pretty fast! Money in all available currency and denominations. Moreover, I also want prestige: a real ‘Madame’ is what I’ve got to be…

Sometimes due to misplaced passions while choosing out their college careers and then having to tune to their passions later in life; sometimes owing to not meeting the cut of points for their dream courses and having to study just any available course like it was in my case…

Most times however, the reason is due to the quest for survival. Responsibilities settle in after college and the bills don’t stop running- so people just have to pick up any available jobs or venture into any reigning business just to keep up. Whether related to their discipline or not!

If you are reading my narrative from my side of the globe, I know you can relate to this… You probably attended a school you didn’t like, studied a course different from your read more….

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