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Daughters of Eve (13): One Erotic Dinner – When Evil Evolves

Click here for Table of Contents and to learn About daughters of Eve, and here for story so far…

From bing images

From Bing Images

One Erotic ‘Dinner’

“Dinner is served handsome”

Adebimpe had called out pulling SOJ’s cheeks playfully as she gave him a quick hug on the head and tried rushing back to the kitchen to quickly clear up. To her surprise, SOJ had pulled her back and balanced her on his laps on the sofa.

Adebimpe was stunned!

Afterwards, SOJ had turned her to face him cupping her supple face in both hands as he used to do in times past. ‘Bimpe blushed and looked down to dodge his gaze as it made her weak in the knees… But SOJ had insisted, raising her head up so her eyes could meet his.

Their eyes locked for a few seconds which felt like eternity, for it was as though time and the whole of heaven and earth momentarily stood still. Bimpe’s heart pounded against her voluptuous chest which rose and fell like erupting mountains threatening to rip it open… adding some colours to the already erotic and highly electrifying atmosphere.

Then carefully and rather deliberately, SOJ had said, “I love you so much baby… I regret everything I’ve put you through…”

Adebimpe couldn’t believe her ears! Her husband’s baritone voice and sweet words had sounded like the hosts of heaven rendering Handel’s Messiah!

She tried jerking herself to recover from the trance and pinching herself to ascertain whether this was a dream or reality when SOJ sealed her lips with the juiciest kiss of her entire life time which sent her into a dizzy spell…

The kiss graduated for they were enraptured and engulfed in a deep… Read more…

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