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Daughters of Eve: Preview Of Future Episodes: Eavesdroppers…

Click here for Table of Contents and to learn About daughters of Eve, and here for story so far…

Habitual Late Comer:

pencil_sketch_1404202360182Bela arrived late for Sunday service as usual- at a time she knew the auditorium would be filled to the brim, whilst being just on time to escape having to sit at the overflow.

And mark you, Bela doesn’t just come. She ‘arrives’ and usually alone – or why would she allow anyone steal her show and becloud her moment?

Her lateness was habitual and very deliberate, for the wave she generated and the commotion her ‘arrival’ caused among other congregants – male and female alike with her skimpy, figure hugging and revealing dresses…

Usually, Bela doesn’t wear much to church… just barely enough to cover her nakedness-

Diversities of Gifts

This was the third out of about five services and she observed that praise and worship was just rounding up as she approached the gigantic 5,000-plus-capacity auditorium.

However, the funny thing she noticed was that though the music had stopped, the people kept on dancing, screaming and wailing as … read more….

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