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Dear Diary: Cadbury Chocolates To The Rescue



Here is my diary entry at the end of a typical work day:

Dear diary,

Two bars of Cadbury chocolate to the rescue after a hot battle with viruses while trying to set up the system of a dissatisfied customer this evening.

I came out so ‘harassed’ I had to ‘branch’ off my way home way to ‘settle’ myself lest I transfer the aggression to my lovely family.

When I should have turned to the Holy Spirit to comfort me…

Anyways, I enjoyed every bit of the two chunky bars. One had caramel and the other nuts.

Never mind- I will engage in a ‘marathon’ fast to break the jinx very soon; afterwards, I will get on my bike to shake off the excess fat and tighten any loose skin. Trust me. *winks

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