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I Know Better Now…(A Taste of 2015)

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The happiest moment of my life till date, apart from the instance I said “I do” to my King Charming (he is beyond a mere prince now for real) and perhaps the arrival of each of my two adorable princes, would be that period some years ago when I gracefully quitted paid employment and fired my boss to ‘marry’ my life’s vision and ambition- which was to start a Retail Business.

As I counted down to my last working day, my own version of the popular holiday song which says, “No more teacher’s whip; No more morning bells…” began playing continually in my head. My own remix that is.

My lyrics went something like this:

“No more unrealistic deadlines
No more nosy bosses…

“No more demand for performance despite scarce resources
No more threats to downsize by my ever-broke-going-bankrupt chairman…

“No more having to leave the home before dawn
No more traffic jams (at least I can schedule my appointments to suit my purpose)…

“No more irate customers (they don’t get mad at the boss you know- and I was just about to become one)
No more working for extra hours with no overtime allowance…

“Lots of time for my family and to pursue my passion…”

And the juiciest part of the story…

Never would I be broke again for the rest of my life… (Because once you start your own business, as we all optimistically presume, the money just starts rolling in).

Moroever, I envisaged that if I …

Want more?

Then please stay tuned to my blog in 2015 for this and more exciting stories and devotionals.Thanks for your audience ALWAYS.

Wish you a prosperous 2015!

Funmi Adebayo (c)2014

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