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Daughters of Eve (14): The Way You Dress… – One ‘Divine Encounter’

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The foolishness of man perverteth his way:
and his heart fretteth against the Lord. Pro 19:3 3 (KJV)


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Habitual Latecomer

Bela arrived church late as usual- at a time she knew the auditorium would be filled to the brim, whilst being just on time to escape having to sit at the overflow.

And mark you, Bela doesn’t just come. She ‘arrives’. And usually alone; or why would she allow anyone steal her show and becloud her moment?

Her lateness was habitual and very deliberate, for the wave she generated and the commotion her ‘arrival’ caused among other congregants – male and female alike with her skimpy, figure hugging and revealing dresses…

Usually, Bela doesn’t wear much to church- just barely enough to cover her nakedness; clothes she dared not wear to even work or else the Company Disciplinary Committee would sanction her for gross misconduct.

Surely, she was trying very hard, only that her efforts weren’t yielding her desired results. And she couldn’t comprehend why…

For instance, in her entire thirty something years on earth, no guy had ever proposed marriage to her before! No one seemed to want to take her serious. Nothing more than an extension of the flings she had while in school.

Truly, she attracted guys in their droves, but only the wrong guys, that is, the Casanovas who were only out to play- no strings attached. Even the ones who approached her in church were no better. Upon all their stares and glares…

Wasn’t she pretty, hot and sexy enough? She often wondered in her sober moments. She could bet she was even hotter than most wives and fiances – ranking one of the top ten in beauty!

Or wasn’t she nice or wife material enough?

Now, Bela was really an angel- nice to a fault, and character wise- flawless. She was even sure she was much nicer than some of her Pastors’ wives especially that pretty Pastor Grace (her ‘tapping’ House Cell Pastor’s wife) – the ‘skoins-skoins’ woman with her ever-flowing display of tantrums. Hmmmm… She often wondered how people like that keep making it where it mattered most, as in places where even the beautiful ones have failed. Yet they keep telling them in church that God is NOT partial…

And though Rita once told her some ‘jargons‘ about read more

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