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Day 41: How To Handle Shattered Dreams



Psa 30:5 (KJV) … weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Welcome to #DreamSeries. Related to today’s devo is Day 12: Your Destiny Is Intact.

Has your dream ever been shattered before? Has your hope been dashed? Have you dreamt about a beautiful life, and even gone further to plan, set goals and pray about it all, only for everything to suddenly become a mirage? Worse still a nightmare?

Nothing can be more harrowing and devastating in life!

Image dreaming of a quality education abroad only to lose a sponsor just prior to admission; dreaming of a beautiful married life to a charming man or woman only to lose him or her to another; dreaming of a home filled with children only to get married and have to keep waiting; or dreaming of a successful career after school only to have to keep hunting for a job for years after graduation… really, nothing could be more heart rending and confusing.

At such times, one is tempted to ask, “Lord where are you in all this and where have you been all along?”
One is tempted to give up on faith, hope, life and even God altogether.
One is tempted to quit in surrender to fate and opt out of life.
One is tempted to complicate matters by attitudes of ingratitude, murmuring and bitterness.

But all this needn’t be.

If you are there today, you should please understand three things:

1. God is sovereign. No matter how dashed your hope is … Read more

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