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Day 43: Words Are Not Enough



1Jh.3:18 (AMP): … let us not love [merely] in theory or in speech but in deed and in truth (in practice and in sincerity).

Many people would rather pray with a neighbor over a financial need than reach out to meet it. For the unconscious fear of contacting their poverty perhaps.

Or rather because, they undermine the effect of their little contribution to the world at large. If they would only pause to consider how much it would matter to the particular soul involved!

Love, when not backed up with full-fledged action is useless, just the way faith without works is dead!

Each of us definitely has something to offer no matter how little. The way out of our inadequacies in life is to “die” to those very insufficiencies by looking beyond them and yielding ourselves, regardless of them, to be used by God to give hope to those who are not as well off as we are.

It’s time to start taking our love beyond the tip of our tongues and going all the way out to show it.

It’s time to stop telling the hungry, “Be filled!’ and start skipping one or two meals to… Read more

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