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Day 56: Accepting ‘What Is’…



Gen.39:2 (KJV) And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man

Welcome to #DreamSeries! Related to this post is Day 47: How Resilient Are You?

If there is one striking lesson we can learn from the life of the man Joseph and his sojourn, it is this: Shattered dreams don’t have to shatter our lives- God is able to preserve our future and to keep our destiny intact through it all.

Shattered dreams don’t have to shatter our lives- God is able to preserve our future and to keep our destiny intact through it all.

Besides Resilience i.e. the ability to keep dreaming at the face of cruel realities (as mentioned in our last post on this subject), the second key quality which helped Joseph to so cooperate with God that he had his destiny preserved despite his shattered dreams was his ability to accept ‘what is’. That is in other words, his ability to face unpleasant realities and not live in denial.

This stemmed from his full consciousness of God’s presence in every ugly circumstance he had to pass through.
This attribute it was which enabled Joseph to face life headlong in every one of his life’s battles and to launch out with total abandon wherever every situation led him. He literally released himself into God’s hands.

For how long will you bewail your shattered dreams? For a lifetime? Shouldn’t be!’It’s time to accept ‘what is’, face life with fresh vigour, and move on …

Let’s face it, to be attacked, ripped of one’s coat of many colours (ones sense of significance), thrown into the pit and later sold into slavery by ones own blood brothers, and all in one single day is indeed too much for any over indulged, over pampered child who had known only comfort all his life!

The drastic change in status is enough to paralyze any child for life- but NOT Joseph!
Joseph accepted ‘what is’ in every battle, rose up to the challenge quickly at every point, and threw himself with …Read more…

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