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Day 62: Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy…



1 Cor.10:10 (KJV) Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer.

Welcome to #JoySeries! Related to this post is Day 58: A Party On The Inside.

So why do our ‘batteries’ seem to run down ever so often, leaving us running on empty, with low levels of energy and inspiration?
Apart from our most dominant thoughts (as explained in our posts ‘The Fundamental Law‘ and ‘What Are You Full Of?’), another reason is this subtle habit which by regular practice has become a dominant part of our personalities and lifestyles; talking about the complaining attitude.
Are you a whiner? Even in your thoughts?
In this part of the globe nagging is a way of life! Complaints, complaints and more complaints!
What with erratic power supply, traffic jams, work pressure, inadequate infrastructures, corrupt leaders, unemployment, low income level and so on, we probably have one thing too many to complain about anyway, someone may rationalize.
The truth however, is that the complaining spirit is another subtle… read more…

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