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Day 85: Shaping Your Tomorrow Today



Gen 8:22 (MKJV) While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

What seeds are you sowing towards the next three, six months; one, two, five, ten years of your life?

Your seed is the only visible bridge or link between your present life and your Next Level- the only thing you possess today which God can work with to unlock your desired future!

Even though you cannot see your future from here and now literally, you can actually pattern your life towards the kind of future you want by just one thing: Your seed!

to … reap the harvest of a fruitful life in the nearest future, you need to start sowing positively and actively from today!

According to Pastor Francis Adebayo of Harvest Place Lagos, to be ‘seedless’ is to leave your future to chances. How very true!

Seeds are not only monetary or material, and they do not answer to only financial and material needs. As you’ll discover subsequently in our #SeedSeries, seeds take several different formats.

to be ‘seedless’ is to leave your future to chances!
– Francis Adebayo

Moreover, seeds do more than answer to human needs. They determine our future directly and every one of our life-outcomes depends on them!

Dr. David Oyedepo once said that to be ‘seedless’ is to be ‘fruitless’!

The seed principle is one of the fundamental principles set by God to govern life and the existence of man; moreover, as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never cease!

to be ‘seedless’ is to be ‘fruitless’
-Bishop David Oyedepo

To connect to and reap the harvest of a fruitful life in the nearest future, you need to… read more…


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