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Day 113: Who Wins The ‘I’m Right’ Game?



Eccl.8:9 (KJV) All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.

Insisting on one’s rights every time can have very dire consequences on relationships. However, does this then mean that one should say he is wrong when he believes he is right?

The answer to this is NO.

Rather, the right thing to do when you are in such a situation is to hold back from pushing your opinion on the other person. Allow him to express his opinion, and as he does, please acknowledge his point of view as well.

The reason is that even when you win particular cases by pushing your rights, you are NOT a real winner if you hurt your relationships in any way in the process.

On the other hand, when you channel your energy towards the health of your relationships and let go of your rights, then you have a double win in that you also build your relationship in the process, even if you don’t have your way in that particular instance.

…when you win particular cases by pushing your rights, you are NOT a real winner if you hurt your relationships in any way in the process.

Think about it this way: Would you be right and lonely? Or better still, would you rather let go of your rights in order to be happy and closely knitted with your spouse or other significant people around you?

It’s up to you to decide…


Lord, I choose the double win. I choose peace. I choose your love. I choose to be patient. Please help me to not always insist on my rights, but to rather be defrauded and rather let go of vain arguments for the health of my relationships. Amen.

Francis Adebayo © 2015

Francis Adebayo is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Place, 10 Emmanuel Street, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos.

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