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Testimony Time: I Remember. Do You?



The early hours of today brought sweet memories of how Jesus has taken me to great heights and seen me through my very lowest points on this journey, as I thought about my next birthday which is a landmark.

I’ve had many highs which I really do appreciate. However, I will remain particularly grateful for my lows and how the Lord saw me through each one of them and still does.

Born with a silver spoon and known all kinds of spoons – plastic, wooden, aluminium including ‘spoonless’, I’ve had many close shaves, taken many blind risks, made many dump mistakes, been sick to the point of death and whole again, been down to nothing and up again, been dead like many times and alive again, been hopelessly broke and rich again, lost friends and made new friends again, out of employment and employed again, demoted and promoted again, known public disgrace and honoured again, out of business and back over and over again… Isn’t the Lord faithful!

It’s not my birthday yet but I’m starting an #IRemember series for the purpose of sharing some of these testimonies from today (not in any particular order) so you can celebrate my highs with me as well as learn to never give up on God and yourself when life gets tough and the road gets rough, cause He ALWAYS does and always will show up.

I will always start each account with ”I remember”” and end with “isn’t the Lord faithful… merciful, awesome” … etc.

Please watch out and by all means do let me have your feedback.

From A Tender Age:

I remember those days at like 2-3 when terrible looking creatures used to haunt me every night… And it wasn’t hallucinations. It was very real…
I tried hard to describe my experience to my dad but couldn’t find my voice for I was too young to express myself…

Then one day I did find my voice and I was able to tell dad articulately. Interestingly, he did understand my predicaments, so he asked me to kneel down and prayed a very simple prayer over me in the name of Jesus- and that was it! I never saw them again till date!

Now isn’t the Lord Powerful…!

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2 comments on “Testimony Time: I Remember. Do You?

  1. kemmie7ng
    May 8, 2015

    God is faithful indeed. Ever dependable

    Liked by 1 person

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