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Those Diaper Days Are Over…


Home Chores

I was supervising my son, Ed, now 11, as he ironed his school uniform one afternoon, while his younger brother Eddy, now 8, fussed over not being allowed to take his own turn; and then it dawned on me that yet again, life and ministry have silently shifted gears and moved to another level without being so polite as to inform me let alone seek my permission.

Hmmmm…. Life never seeks our permission to overtake us. Realities of the effect of time can be so evasive that he who is not vigilant enough will awake someday only to discover that it’s all over! Such is the brevity and irony of life!


Ironing Ed’s school shirt took about thirty minutes of my ‘precious’ time that afternoon amidst the discomforts of Eddy’s tantrums; and sincerely as at other times, I was greatly tempted to take over and do the ironing myself, as I would have done it in five minutes without much ado. But who would then teach my son how to iron his own shirt and at what age?

Truth is, shying away from the stress of training my child and the oft ‘hullabaloo’ involved (for example things like dealing with Eddy’s tantrums on this particular occassion) is the reason why Ed is just learning to do some of these things at 11.

Gone are the days…

Many years ago when my boys were merely toddlers; I mean those days when I worked at Lekki, then Ikoyi and later Apapa while living in far away Ikorodu (some plus or minus 10km and about 4 hours daily average of traffic jam apart); days when all I had to do for my boys was bathe them, get them dressed, feed them, change their diapers, watch Barney and sing ABC with them, I thought life … Read more

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