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Much Ado About Candies


It’s another Children’s Day, and I’ve been musing on a critical attribute and how it relates to children.


That quality is a ‘major‘ in my culture.

You know those unwritten and  unspoken ‘spices‘ of life.

Yet learn them one must, else he is sentenced to a life of unnecessary hardship regardless of who he is, where he is from or what he has. Especially in this democratic era.

I often wonder whether this attribute is a virtue or a vice; and most times, I conclude that it must be somewhere in-between…

Talk of those faint lines anyone could easily cross without even noticing anything is amiss! Those things in life that could be as evil as they could be good!

My humble verdict however, is that on which side such things fall depends on our intention and the mode of application of the truth we know.

That  is to say, in this case, diplomacy might be a virtue when beyond self interest, it takes into account the interest of others, and the common good of all.  Any less noble agendum, especially selfishness would make it a vice.

All war represents a failure of diplomacy…
-Tony Benn

Part of diplomacy is to open different definitions of self interest
-Hillary Clinton

Nevertheless, this attribute has fast become a must-have soft skill for a smooth sail in our society- from coast to coast, from the corners of our rooms to the board room… 

In as much as I don’t believe in twisting the truth, I am also of the opinion that for a peaceful coexistence, there are times when… Read more

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