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Day 152: You Can Prosper In A Hostile (Work) Environment

Gen 31:6-7 (AMP) You know that I have served your father with all my might and power. But your father has deceived me and changed my wages ten times, but God did not allow him to hurt me.

Is anyone working in a hostile environment? It’s not time to find excuses for non- performance as this would only reduce your worth unawares.

Rather, it’s time to look for how to remain productive and progressive in the midst of it all.

Beyond survival and making progress however, it is indeed possible to PROSPER amidst of adversity and hostility in any environment- the work place inclusive.

From the biblical stand point, let’s consider the account of the man Jacob as recorded in Genesis 30:25 to Genesis 31 as a case study.

Jacob had a very shrewd and unfair boss, named Laban, who did not care a hoot about the well being of his staff. All he cared about was making profit and more profit!

Besides, Laban lacked integrity. And this reflected in the way his company operated!

His was the type of company where employee rights are taken for granted and employment contracts breeched at will; especially in economies where people are more keen on survival than litigation.

For instance, he changed Jacob’s wages ten times and this includes when tender eyed Leah instead of beautiful Rachael was given him deceptively in exchange for seven years of labour.

Besides, he kept changing Jacob’s gratuity!

YET in the midst of it all, Jacob did more than survive…
He did more than remain productive.

Rather, Jacob also prospered…
To the point of ending up far richer than his shrewd boss!

Gen 31:8-9 (AMP) If he said, The speckled shall be your wages, then all the flock bore speckled; and if he said, The streaked shall be your hire, then all the flock bore streaked. Thus God has taken away the flocks of your father and given them to me.


It is indeed possible to survive, make progress and above all, prosper amidst adversity in any environment. And that includes the work place!

“But how on earth could one… read more…

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