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Building Up To Chapter 16: Daughters Of Eve (4)

Still building up to Chapter 16, which ends Daughters of Eve Season 1 before I drop it in my goody-bag, today please read along with me Chapter 4: To Tell Or Not To Tell.


Please click here to learn About Daughters Of Eve, here for Table of Contents and here for previous chapters.



Adebimpe sighed starring endlessly into space. It’d been a week since her ‘domestic accident’ and she had since been discharged from the hospital. However, she was yet to resume work as she hadn’t regained her balance and composure…

Only God would keep her from losing that job because she had already exhausted all her leave days for the year – including her sick leave days…

Her arm still hurt badly, and her heart? Broken into many pieces!!! She actually doubted her own sanity at the moment and the heavy influx of thoughts kept bringing tears to her eyes… Read full story here


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  1. Matthew
    August 9, 2015

    I can be of help in publishing Daughters of Eve if you are thinking towards that. Remain Blessed


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