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Build Up To Chapter 16: Daughters Of Eve (7)



Have you ever been caught up in a love triangle before? I guess it wasn’t a pleasant experience was it? Did you handle it well? Or do you have regrets? However it went or is, Love triangles are never funny anyone can tell…

Besides, do you have any stronghold of fear preventing you from yielding to true love?

Still building up to Chapter 16 before I drop Daughters of Eve Season 1 in my goody-bag, Please read along with me this evening Chapter 7: The Love Triangle. Please enjoy!

Rita, however, wasn’t in the least bothered about her friends’ convictions. She wasn’t even in the flow of that evening’s gist at all as she was preoccupied with her own worries; kind of caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Her Dilema?

Simple. It was Richard.

Rita had fallen head over heels in love with Richard. She had never felt this way for any man in her twenty six years of existence. The guy had simply swept her off her feet since knowing him about ten months earlier. And the truth was that family and the recent out turn of events around her, including the eye-opener encounter they had with Teddy the previous day weren’t helping matters at all.

A few months earlier, Rita had succeeded in securing a permanent placement with read more…

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