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Build Up To Chapter 16: Daughters Of Eve (12)



“Oh what a prince charming I married! He kisses me even while I’m using the toilet…

“Oh what a ‘prince of peace’ he is… he never frowns even when I burn his super… and if yours does then that’s abnormal…

“Oh what a lucky wife I am, he pecks my lips even when I call him stupid…

“Oh we must be custom-made from heaven… we’ve never disagreed on any point before ever!”

And on and on we hear those obviously unrealistic claims about marriage, which keep our mouths pursed and our eyes rolling eyes like an overly booooorrrrrreeeeeeed little child. Say what! Can we just be a bit real here…? Boy, they can be outright annoying.

A great marriage is no child’s play. It’s real work aided by His grace, because every single marriage goes through different phases.

Therefore, if you are young in marriage, and these claims get you and keep you wondering what on earth could be wrong with yours, our mission is also to let you know that what you’re going through is perfectly normal. With your prayers, obedience and patience aided by His grace, this phase too will pass, and shortly you will have heaven on earth again- more than ever before.

Without further ado, Please read along with us this Friday evening  Chapter 12 of Daughters of Eve entitled, “When Life Takes A New Turn”.as we build up to Chapter 16 which marks the end of Season 1 and births the release of Daughters of Eve Season 1 in an ebook.

Please enjoy it!


Adebimpe pulled over at Ikeja City Mall and stepped out of her Mercedes 20140316-190602.jpg
Benz Jeep in a skimpy pink flowery hip dress and a thick pair of black leggings…

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and a fresh cool breeze slapped her pretty face as the wind whistled by. It felt like a kiss from heaven and she shivered as the chill of it bathed her soft chocolate skin.

Her 24-inch Brazilian hair was fully let down, but held in place with a shiny Alice Band. A thin gold chain adorned her long neck. She didn’t care much for hand chains, but had a matching piece as an anklet stylishly showed off by her matching pump sandals. With a matching pair of tiny stud earrings and a casual Aldo wrist watch to compliment, she looked gorgeous indeed.

And why not?

For the very first time in twelve months, she felt very much read more

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