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Build Up To Chapter 16: Daughters of Eve (13)

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You sure know the secret code to winning your wife back when you’ve treated her badly dear hubby, and it could be as simple as courting her like you’ve not done in a long time. I’m sure you do know the right buttons to press- including those sure-banker ones she cannot resist… And wives would never stop wondering why our men sometimes wouldn’t just take the bull by the horn…

Some suppers are better left untouched for some more serious business you know… How about something so hot like what you are just about to read sometime soon…

Still Building Up to Chapter 16 which marks the birth of an E-book from this great work, the story is getting more interesting as we prepare to round up you would agree. This one is smoking hot! Singles, please learn from it too and please dream along…

One Erotic ‘Dinner’

“Dinner is served handsome”

From Bing Images

Adebimpe had called out pulling SOJ’s cheeks playfully …To her surprise, SOJ had pulled her back and balanced her on his laps on the sofa.

Adebimpe was stunned!

Afterwards, SOJ had turned her to face him cupping her supple face in both hands as he used to do in times past. ‘Bimpe blushed and looked down to dodge his gaze as it made her weak in the knees…

Their eyes locked for a few seconds which felt like eternity … Bimpe’s heart pounded against her voluptuous chest, which rose and fell like erupting mountains, threatening to burst open…

She tried jerking herself as though to recover from the trance … when SOJ sealed her lips with the juiciest kiss of her entire life time thus sending her into a dizzy spell…

The kiss graduated for they were enraptured …Thank God it was Friday!

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