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Build Up To Chapter 16: Daughters Of Eve (14)

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It’s just one more day to  the Launch of my Novel – a first in the Daughters of Eve Fiction Series entitled “The Sweet Temptation”, and it would be lovely to complete the Build Up To Chapter 16, which ends Season 1 of this great fiction series. Chapter 16, however, is not yet published on the Daughters of Eve Blog. And need I say that the release of Chapter 16 at about this time tomorrow will be very dramatic, as it leads the evolution of this exciting fiction series into a novel.

What more can I say? Please watch out!

In the meantime, here is Chapter 15, which features one of Rita’s mischievous friends. Would she get away with her mischief? Please read along…

* * *

Habitual Latecomer

Bela arrived church late as usual- at a time she knew the auditorium would be filled to the brim, whilst being just on time to escape having to sit at the overflow.

And mark you, Bela doesn’t just come. She ‘arrives’. And usually alone; or why would she allow anyone steal her show and becloud her moment?…pencil_sketch_1404219917099

…As usual, she noticed mean glances from the ushers and greeters as she marched elegantly along in her sky scrapper pump shoes. She giggled naughtily as she nodded in a hearty salutation totally ignoring their menacing looks. She could tell they found her annoying – either out of envy or sheer disgust.

And she knew they would ask her to sit at the over flow or at one very inconspicuous corner as usual; never in a strategic position where she could get all the attention she desired.

To hell with them… She thought from a place outside her ‘church mind’ . She was in no mood to allow anyone spoil her …read more

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