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Random Lessons From The Sweet Temptation (1): Would You Still Say “Yes” If…



Ever wondered if Rita would end up getting wedded to Richard? Could anything on earth ever beat his dramatic proposal on board that flight to Johannesburg?

Primary on any eligible single lady’s heart is being sure not to enter into the wrong relationship. The guy is hanging around, but how could she be sure he is right for her?  The Sweet temptation is spiced up with some subtle clues…

For instance, would you still marry that guy …
If you would have to worry about what he could be up to when you’re not together…
If you have a heart attack each time his phone rings and it’s a female calling…
If you doubt he’d be able to wait when you need to go on a training out of town…  because he has given you signs that he cannot be trusted?

Would the constant head-ache and heart ache associated with such a worrisome relationship make it worthwhile?

Please enjoy this short excerpt of a related scenario from The Sweet Temptation.

* * *

About three weeks later in mid- October, Rita was to take a trip home to Benin to discuss Richard with her mum on a certain weekend. However, just as she was about departing on Friday evening, came an urgent alert from Reverend Tunde for an all-important meeting with the Praise Band after Weekend Rehearsals the following day. As a result, every other thing including her trip home had to wait as she wouldn’t decline such a call for anything on earth.

It’s all good anyways or so she had thought; for it would be a pleasant surprise for her heartthrob.

Unfortunately however, she had arrived at Richard’s apartment unannounced early on Saturday morning only to catch him pants down with one of his girlfriends whom he had brought home with him overnight.

For though Richard loved her and really wanted to marry her, “body no be wood na”, in the words Richard’s friends when they later came to seek her forgiveness on his behalf.

“This guy loves you enough to not pester you for sex contrary to your beliefs. He even has no concrete relationship with the girl you saw… It was just a one-night stand…”

“So what happens if after marriage I have to take a trip out of town for a course or even go on vacation alone? Would I trust him knowing what he might be up to? Would I be at peace?
“What if his girlfriend …

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