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Breaking News: I’m Releasing Two Great E-Books This December!!!



I’m excited to inform you officially friends, that I shall be hosting another round of #OnlineParty this December to mark the official release of my latest two e-books namely:

1. Stepping Up To Be Seen – a revised edition of my first ebook which was released in 2013- an innovative blend of Innovation and Fiction specially written for people who feel unlucky, short-changed and cheated by life’s circumstances beyond their control.

2. Miracle For You EACH DAY – an interesting, well-researched and life-transforming Devotional Series, which shall be released periodically and shall span many topics of interest and relevance to Life, Career, Business and Spirituality. This series shall be released periodically, but undated, which means that each can be used as a devotional guide any time of the year. By God’s grace, a number of titles will be released from this series in 2016.

The books are due in a couple of days and I shall be giving very specific details henceforth.

Please give some wind to my wings by helping me to spread the news with friends; and together by His grace, we shall make this dream a reality.

We did it at the released of my Novel, The Sweet Temptation (PDF here) in August, which turned out a huge success with your help and support. Let’s do it again and again and again.

More to come. Thanks indeed for your support now and always. You shall be celebrated.

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