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#JourneyTo2016 (5): When Life’s Rules Are Untaught

In his book The Rules of Work, Richard Templar mentioned some untaught, unspoken rule of work. Yet learn them you must otherwise you are sentenced to an unnecessarily hard work life.

Life has its own unspoken, untaught and unwritten rules too. And learn them you must to be victorious in life! Otherwise, life could and would be unnecessarily laborious and hard.

Good news however is that this coming year forward, you do not have to keep groping in the dark, making uninformed decisions, taking shaky steps and bumping your head over and over, because the clue, the answer is just a call away with the Author of Life who Himself is the ultimate Answer.

As you prepare to Live!!! And Get Your Groove Back in the coming year, please enjoy these verses. Sure you will be blessed!!!



Proverbs.25:2 (KJV) It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

Why am I often lost
In the maze of life
Making uninformed choices
Bumping my head over and over?

When life could be sweeter
And my burdens lighter
My yokes easier
And my paths brighter


Who will solve my riddles?
Who will give me the clues?
Who will fix my puzzles?
Who will tell me the rules?

Ask and you shall be given
Seek and you shall find
Knock and the door will open
To anyone who dares

For the greatest lessons in life
Are learned not taught
And the deepest secrets
Must be … Read more

* * * * *

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