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Thankful For Your Friendship In 2015… Wishing You A Prosperous 2016 In Advance…


2015 was a very fruitful year indeed. I achieved a lot and accomplished most of my personal goals part of which was to launch some of my Book Series as well as package and publish few titles in each series on the e-platform.

Oh well, I was able to launch only two of the many Book Series namely,

1) The “Daughters of Eve” Fiction Series – The Sweet Temptation being the first title in that series.
2)The “Miracle For You Each Day” Devotional Series – LIVE!!!  Getting Your Groove Back… being the first title in that Series.

I was also able to revise and relaunch my very first eBook, Stepping Up To Be Seen, an innovative blend of Fiction and inspiration.

Please view and Download all my titles on Okadabooks here. The PDF version of The Sweet Temptation is also available for download on Payhip. Get it here.

All these couldn’t have been possible without the support your friendship provided.

Thanks for the likes and visits to my blog from time to time and if I haven’t responded to your likes and comments, if I haven’t paid a return visit to your blog yet,  please rest assured that I certainly will.

I have a very busy,  but fun schedule for 2016 part of which includes, launching more Book Series and releasing more titles,  assisting in expanding, promoting and making the secure distribution of eBooks more popular in my country,  launching another blog (which is actually more than a blog) to support a pet dream project (tell you more soon),  and of course also launch an e-zine which is still a part of the dream project I mentioned.  Indeed a whole lot will be coming from me this New Year by His grace and I will shed more light as the days unfold. Please watch out for a fruitful year with me like never before!

I do trust God for success and good speed while I look forward to your friendship and audience like never before to make each of these dreams a reality.

In the meantime,  here is saying a big THANK YOU for your friendship in 2015 while looking forward to many more glorious and fun filled years with you.

And before my day gets clogged with preparations for the cross-over night and accompanying celebrations, may I be the very first to wish you a Prosperous, Glorious and Amazing 2016!!!

Love you friends!!!

Funmi Adebayo

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Funmi is an adept at Content Creation, Writing, and Content Marketing. She creates bespoke media content and digital strategies to help enhance the online presence of businesses and professionals, thereby improve their lead generation and conversion rates. Her vision is to help businesses exceed their ROI projections online. When she's not working, she's busy listening to classical music whilst reading or writing another blog post, poem or devotional.


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