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“There is Always A Way Forward…” #Excerpts from “LIVE!!! Getting Your Groove Back… “


Even though things may not turn out exactly as planned, when faced with a paralyzing situation, there is ALWAYS a way forward.
– Funmi Adebayo in LIVE!!!  Getting Your Groove Back…

LIVE!!!  Getting Your Groove Back is an undated 30-day Devotional with Life Application Sections – the first title in Miracle For You EACH DAY Devotional Series. It’s a must have for an empowering outlook on life for an Amazing New Year.

Download your FREE sample here

And the full book here

About Funmi Adebayo

Funmi is a Content Creator and Online Media Strategist. She creates (and implements) Customised Contents and Digital Strategies for Businesses and Professionals to enhance their Brand Performance, Presence and Visibility Online. She is an Engineering major (with tech experience in ITSM, ERP, Process Management, Project Management and Strategic Business IT). She has expertise in Content Development and Digital Marketing.

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