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#Storytime: Liberty At Last For One Battered Wife…



Adebimpe pulled over at Ikeja City Mall and stepped out of her Mercedes Benz Jeep in a skimpy pink flowery hip dress and a thick pair of black leggings. She picked up her hand bag, locked up and cat-walked gracefully across the spacious car park.

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and a fresh cool breeze slapped her pretty face as the wind whistled by.

It felt like a kiss from heaven and she shivered as the chill of it bathed her soft chocolate skin.

Her 24-inch Brazilian hair was fully let down, but held in place with a shiny Alice Band. A thin gold chain adorned her long neck. She didn’t care much for hand chains, but had a matching piece as an anklet stylishly showed off by her matching pump sandals. With a matching pair of tiny stud earrings and a casual Aldo wrist watch to compliment, she looked gorgeous indeed.

And why not?

For the very first time in twelve months, she felt very much at peace:

With life and herself.
With God and the rest of creation.


A little child once described forgiveness as that point in time when you stop feeling angry. In that context, she wasn’t angry with herself anymore; nor with anyone else. She had totally forgiven all involved in the drama of her recent past, and that included herself and everyone else; and as at now, she had no iota of resentment or grudges towards anyone.

She had let go of the traumatic pains completely, and had simply moved on. And the best part of it all was the fact that she could now relate to life without any iota of shame, regret or bitterness. She was free at last. Free indeed to give full expression to whom God had made her to be without holding back. Without reservations. No apologies.

This feeling of liberty and tranquility kind of gave her an air of confidence, with springs to her steps and grace to her strides. She could walk head up and shoulders high now.

And to crown it all, SOJ had stood facing her, looked her straight in the eyes and told her how much he loved her again just that morning!

And that had sounded like some sweet melody in her ears and set the butterflies in her tummy a-flying; for sincerely, she hadn’t heard those sweet words once in the past twelve months!


In fact, SOJ had not looked her straight in the eyes once after the rather unfortunate ‘wife-battering’ episode!

Really, they’d been through a lot emotionally but thank God, they made it through it all, and their marriage was healing up pretty fast!

She hummed Shirley Caesar’s “Sailing on the sea of Your love”, the beautiful lyrics of the song flooding her soul as she skipped along literally sailing on the wings of His love, and she did not mince her gaits at all as she swayed her curvy frame and hips from side to side in an elegant forward march to the shopping arena.

Obviously, she was in the best mood ever. She was having a very good day!

The Eventful Months…

Actually in those days, they respected only seemingly happy couples and had no regard for couples in difficult marriages, some of who indeed deserve to be commended for their bravery, courage and depth of commitment to stick to it and keep it working through the thick and thin… Especially when things turn sour and friends turn to enemies… With high hopes that someday, the fire would be rekindled again…

The past twelve months had been the most dramatic, challenging and emotionally demanding days of her entire twenty nine years on earth.

Talk of verbal abuse, Cold War, emotional blackmail and all other related ills of the difficult phase of marriage which very few couples survive: she had seen it all…

Imagine the trauma of her losses,  the shame, the pain, the heart break…
The broken trust and shattered dreams… When the same powerful hands which were meant to protect her for better for worse turned around to attack her in the heat of the moment, causing her to lose her unborn child…

The confusion, the uncertainties, the fears…

The emotional turmoil and agony… When her husband became aloof and wouldn’t relate with her…

The deception and its repercussion… When she had to lie to friends and family that she had suffered a miscarriage and when her in-laws had kept blaming her for the loss and putting pressures on her to conceive again.


The Yester-years…

She had never for once envisaged experiencing all she had been through to start with.

SOJ had been the dream of her life: Tall, broad chested and fair. An extremely good looking vibrant Christian. A highly romantic gentleman with a very large heart; and caring to a fault. To crown it all, the guy was from a rich family: he had everything any lady would wish for.

What wonderful pictures of the married life they had envisioned during their courtship days- having fulfilled all righteousness?

They were the best of friends, very compatible in every proven way; except for the unproven depth of erotic exploits which was reserved for their wedding night in honour of the God they loved and served with high hopes they would be compatible in that area as well for the chemistry between them was great…

(And indeed very compatible they’d been)

They fasted and prayed together about their future home regularly. They attended countless marriage seminars and read volumes of marriage books…

And how they both judged and despised marriages going through turbulent seasons in those days… having no understanding that everything in life has it’s own peculiar seasons and challenges – even the best of marriages…

In those days, they were in the habit of blaming marital challenges on some error on the part of either party involved …

In their opinion, one of the occupants or both were to blame: as it must be that they were not good enough, pretty enough, compatible enough, knowledgeable enough, clever enough, spiritual enough, prayerful enough …

Or maybe they even missed it altogether- or how could they say they’d heard God right and still be going through all these challenges? Maybe they weren’t even meant for each other to start with. After all, if they had gotten it right and done it right, their marriages would have turned out right…

And funnily, they had this strange belief that their own marriage was going to be storm-proof as they definitely saw themselves as being better off, better placed and better equipped than couples in those marriages going through turbulent times… Totally oblivious that everything has it’s own peculiar seasons  and challenges – even marriage…

And also forgetting that married couples who get divorced were once the best of friends…

Actually in those days, they respected only seemingly happy couples and had no regard for couples in difficult marriages, some of who indeed deserve to be commended for their … want more? 

This story was culled from my novel Daughters of Eve Season (1): The Sweet Temptation. For the full gist,  please click here to download your FREE copy from okadabooks and here to download the PDF version from Payhip.



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