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It’s February: Ready, Fire, Aim!!! @SandiKrakowski


Ready,  Fire,  Aim,  … captures how I’ve been doing business for a long time.  If I try to ready,  aim and then fire,  my shot is pathetic.  It is much easier for me to shoot,  adjust,  and shoot again.
– Sandi Kwakorski

Welcome to February friends. So January has come and gone. Just like that!

Still it was a fantastic month and I am thankful even though I didn’t achieve even half of my goals.  Some true confessions: I haven’t quite mastered my productivity schedules this year. Therefore, I also have unanswered mails,  overdue calls, incomplete posts and unpublished books here and there; so before you take a guilt trip on not being too organized, please understand that you are not alone. I tend to be disorganized too.  Only that I have mastered how to just keep it happening in the midst of the chaos. But recently, I returned to my first love: Microsoft Outlook, the email, task and schedule organizer which works best for me. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Sandi Krakowski once wrote in one of her books, actually my favourite and I quote, “… Ready,  Fire,  Aim,  … captures how I’ve been doing business for a long time.  If I try to ready,  aim and then fire,  my shot is pathetic.  It is much easier for me to shoot,  adjust,  and shoot again”.*

That also captures the way I handle projects and every executable, (except finance or relationship). I strategize and just shoot to keep it working. I slow down to get organized later. And that has kept me very safe from paralysis by analysis, the demon which attacks when we dance around tasks. Why not just start and get the work done instead!

In any case,  if there’s any anything you planned to do but haven’t started doing,  please don’t despair. It’s never too late to start. Today is the right day to start for it’s never too late to be what you might have been. Please read today’s post on Each Day Online Never Too Late To Be for some motivation in that aspect.

So what am I up to this February?

1. Regular Inspiration on Each Day Online
2. Publish the first edition of my Fiction Series Madame De Madame entitled Back To Square 1.
3. Add at least one more title to the Miracle for You EACH DAY Devotional Series.
4. Make my books available in more e-formats.
5. Work more towards jump starting the Make A Dream Project- tell you more about this soon and I’m sure you’d love to be involved.

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As I sign out for today,  once again,  I welcome you to your most fabulous February ever! Have a very exciting month!

Funmi Adebayo © 2016

*Krakowski, S 2011, Read Their Minds-How To Hear What The Market Place Wants & Build A Huge Business,

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