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Family Matters (2): Much Ado About Home Chores… #Diaries #Story #ChildrensDay


Family Matters is the diary of members of a Christian Family blessed with two wonderful boys: a teen and a preteen named Ed and Eddy respectively. Please enjoy a portion of Eddy’s diary for your weekend delight. My way of saying Happy Children’s Day to all Gorgeous Princes and Princesses the world over!

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Saturday: Eddy’s Diary – Much Ado About Home Chores

Mum’s shrill voice awoke me up from my sweet dream.  In my dream, I was Superman and I was rampaging Sambisa Forest with Nigerian Soldiers on a Rescue Mission for the Chibok girls. I had rehearsed the wide grin I would shoot at CNN’s cameras and President Obama’s warm hand shake. Just maybe I could even get to meet that his beautiful second daughter… Superhero me. I was just about laying my hands on that beast called whatever his name is now when mum’s shout jolted me out of my dreams.

“Just to boil ordinary water… Must I do Everything for you guys? Now they’ve taken light and I have to waste gas…”, she was saying. Needless to say,  it was Ed and her at war over household chores again…

“But Mum… “, Ed was trying to say in his baritone voice so much unlike mine. “When I look at you guys I see a man and a boy”, Mum always says. Ed is turning 14 while I am just 10.

“No Buts and don’t you mummy me… “, Mum snapped and on and on she went.

Obviously, Mum is fussing over house work again.

“Oh no! Not today!” I said aloud as I hid my head under my duvet to say a word of prayer. Anytime mum gets fussy about household chores, even Dad runs for cover. Those are days when he would lock himself up in the study and pray or study for hours unstop… We used to think dad was so spiritual, but later on we got the gist, it’s all just to avoid getting on mum’s already fussy nerves.

And Lord Jesus- it’s Saturday. Next thing now she will come spank my bum and scream my brains out for not rising early to do my morning portion. Hmmmm. How I wish there was school today. I really envy Ed. He will be off soon. How I wish I could follow him.

Don’t get me wrong. My mummy is the best on earth. She’s so so sweet and I love her to the moon and back. However days when she gets fussy about house chores like today are better imagined. It can be hellish.

“Boys need to help out with house work too. It’s called home training and you will need it someday” she always says.

But naturally, my brother and I hate the whole idea of household chores. How I wish there was no such thing …

“Lord, please convince mum to give up this idea of home training and get another house help.” I mumbled.

And wow, I’d better hurry out of here before mum arrives with her koboko. I haven’t swept the sitting room for a whole week…

Don’t get me wrong. My mummy is the best on earth. She’s so so sweet and I love her to the moon and back. However days when she gets fussy about house chores like today are better imagined. It can be hellish.

Mystery Cup:

Soon it was devotion time and as usual, mum would read one of those booooorrrriiiinnnggg devotional guides. They are either too childish or too serious. She recently got one for our age, but the daily readings are looonggg… Ughhhhh….

“Where on earth is that devotional”

“And whose cup is this?”, Mum asked with a big frown as she almost stumbled upon an empty plastic cup on the sitting room floor. It was the cup I used for dinner last night. Washing cups is one of my weak points. I just hate doing it.


“I don’t know… ” I mumbled innocently


“I don’t know… ” Ed replied giving me a mean look. We both knew it was my dinner cup. However, he had to play along so as not to give me away and incur mum’s wrath… Thank God dad was around. He is always on time for our rescue

“Baby, it’s OK. Shall we just pray. They will sort that out after…” and so daddy saved the day as usual.

Prayer Time:

So after the long devotional,

“Eddy, you’re the worship leader for today” Dad announced.

Oh well, I scaled through the worship with mum’s pass mark (my mum is a perfectionist. I think I’m kind of clumsy while leading worship. But I always try my best cause my happiest moment is when I see those beautiful eyes glean with pride…)

And then, it was Prayer time, and my brother Ed, our prayer warrior for the day wasn’t so lucky…

I guess he had made up his mind to be naughty today.. His way of getting back at mom for the uninteresting early morning house work… to be continued.

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