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And This Is How We Welcome You To November!!!

Welcome to November from all of us at!!! Now our communication lines are open so we are just a call away!!! Please enjoy this!

This is how we welcome you to November- With all our communication lines wide open!!! At about two fantastic months into operations, we know it’s high time and we are glad to make our line public.
In other words, we are no longer miles apart but just a touch screen tap and a mouse click away! Please reach us on the following channels :

Email :
Whatsapp: +234-9095200510 (and/ call)

Do you have a story to tell, a brand or talent to showcase or a product to sell to the world? It’s time to stop blinking in the dark and to let your voice be heard. Talk to us today and let’s tell the world about you!!!

And by the way, have you explored our site yet? In case you haven’t, let’s do a quick tour around:

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