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Meet Multi-talented Bukola Adekusibe: Author, Blogger and MD/CEO of NDJ’s Masterpieces


Yes, times are hard and there is recession accompaniedby a whole lotof rippleeffects to provide enough negative justification for Nigerians to not embark on any worth- while venture; however, there arestill thousands of Nigerians who are weathering the storm and soaring despiteall odds.

One of such great achievers is the multi-talented OlubukolaAdekusibe, whom we met some months back.

An author of two books, a blogger and MD/CEO of NDJs Masterpieces – a Fashion Design Outfit which specializes in innovative designs of African fabricsfor ladies; while at the same time holding an eight-to- five job and runninga family, Olubukola is multi-talented indeed!

So what is her motivation at a time like this? Let’s meet Olubukola as interviewed by Funmi Adebayo.

Funmi: Let’s meet Bukola.

Olubukola: I am Olubukola Adekusibe. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Planning from the Lagos State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the…

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