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Introducing “Hey Foodiee” – A Mobile Catering / Delivery Service


The quest for survival, especially in a city like Lagos, has robbed many individuals and families of quality life. And if you think clean,  delicious, healthy and affordable meals as at when due when you think ‘quality life’ then your prayers just got answered.

Hey Foodiee – a fast-growing Food Delivery Service is the answer, as long as satisfying your tummy’s deepest appetites is concerned.

Hey Foodiee operates on a call-to -order basis. “You crave for food,  you Whatsapp or give us a call and pronto! Our Delivery Service to the rescue!”

The fast growing startup also renders Catering Services for indoor or outdoor events,  parties, while also providing children’s party treats.

Customers can also request their services by sending DMs to their Instagram page: @heyfoodie
The Foodie company recently released their daily menus. Please view it here 👇 :

To order food for your family,  office lunch or to…

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