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MamaJ Talks about MamaJs Aviation Blog, Cabin Crew Fair and the Exciting World of Flying. 

Have you read my exclusive interview with Joy Ogbebo of MamaJ’s Aviation Blog? Enjoy it!!!

I stumbled upon a fantastic link on a former colleague’s timeline on Facebook over a year ago. I had even scrolled past, but something got me captivated. It was a beautiful write up about her, featuring her as the aviator of the day. Interesting. I got instantly hooked, and then I noticed where it came from : MamaJ’s Aviation Blog. “The same MamaJ?” I screamed in excitement . MamaJ had always been a very striking personality. Warm, amazing, passionate, and contrary to expectations based on her nickname and her twenty-five year experience on the job, amazingly young and beautiful. And her world? So exciting, with all the elements of fiction and fantasy, yet it’s so real! Surely, it pays to follow one’s pursuit early in life. We’re sure after this very exciting chat, you’d agree.

Get ready to be enlightened, challenged and greaty entertained as we delve into the exciting…

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